Colour and Light


Every place has its own unique energy and traditions. I was born in this place and at times I feel at home here. The sounds of the street and the chatter in the distance are strangely familiar. My family left Guatemala when I was 12 and I have only been here four times since then.

When I visited here after studying fibre arts in Canada I found myself drawn to the local textile traditions but I did not fully submit to the resplendent colour pallette; that frenetic mix of vivid colours that seem to live and breathe through the vibrations they create.

Today I am fortunate to be in my second week of an extended visit here. I count my self blessed by the generosity of my family and lucky to be spending this time here with my parents. I am also grateful for the inspiration that is everywhere in this beautiful country with its rich traditions and joyful spirit despite the complications that come with life in a developing country.

In the weeks to come I look forward to collaborating with many artisans here. I hope to form lasting relationships with them that will allow them to prosper, to feed their families and educate their children.