Geometry & Pattern Abound


I have been fascinated with geometric patterns for some time now. The more I am exposed to them the more I am amazed how common they are; appearing in nature as crystals or as the architecture that makes up the plants that surround us. It amazes me that when I discover a new pattern I can always trace it back to something I have already seen in the past. It might just be the trained eye of merchandiser that helps me to see these visceral relationships.

When I was in Guatemala City last week saw these window bars which are very common here but this pattern was one I didn’t recall seeing before. I am sure it has its roots in the Art Deco style that was very common in Latin America in the mid century. I see some of these patterns repeated throughout my travels here. Even some of the huipils, which are the traditional garments worn by Mayan women, are emblazoned with these patterns.

I have been sourcing huipils during my time here. These used and vintage fabrics will find a second life in some of the products that I will create once I bring them home with me.